What I’m doing right now…

Still living in Mexico City.

  • Working on my side business with a great team of women:
  • Still not working full-time at my day job.
  • Going to the US tomorrow for 3 weeks!
  • Doing a lot of Angular 4 at work.


I just bought a 10-year-old iPod to restore. Yes, that’s right an iPod 5th generation. It’s going to have 500GB of data and a new battery.

What am I excited about…

Going home to see my family.

I’m going to drive around in a Porshe, Corvette, and BMW. Just for fun and style.

I’m going to Hawaii for a week.

I finally get to cross off a bucket-list item, I’m going to visit the ghost town Bodie, California!

Updated: 8/12/2017