My Work

Most of my work has been at private software companies and it private/proprietary. However, feel free to head over to my github profile or view my Resumé.

Here are a few projects which are open though.

Hen Outdoors

Yes, it’s a bit random and odd. A liberal guy helping to run an e-commerce site for women who hunt and fish; all things, I personally am not into. I help run this site with my sister. Hunting, fishing, and outdoorsy things are her passions. I’m just the technical help on the project. Handling the web site, programming, analytics, and business side of things.

Flash Phrase

Virtual flash cards for learning a new language faster


I worked full-stack on this project; from back-end to front-end. I worked on the admin tool: for managing users, creating / managing projects, and the reporting tool. Built out video player which recorder live data, and showed playback to users.

Other work

Please contact me for more examples of work.