Kindle Reading

I’m going to be honest, I don’t read. I always liked the idea of being a reader; constantly learning, expanding myself, and curled up with a nice book. Excited to get started on the latest best seller, book I’ve checked out from the library, or downloaded onto my kindle. However, I don’t do it,, Read More

I often find myself needing to tether and use my phone for an internet connection. Like most people, we have limited plans with not much data to spare. Here is how I manage to not use a TON of data or help speed things up. Mac OS I use a MacBook so I’ll start, Read More

I love todo lists. During very busy or stressful times, I’m lost without one. I would literately forget very important things that need to get done, if I didn’t have it down in a todo list. It’s supposed to be weapon to help that messy brain stay on track, and do the important things., Read More