Roatán Honduras After hearing many good things from a few people, I went to checkout Roatán, Honduras. I knew someone who was living there and they had great things to say about the place. Most people have never heard of this little island tucked away next to Honduras, in Central America. Roatán is a, Read More


Sometimes I travel to places on my journey, where there seems to be a large concentration of what I call hippies. If you can’t imagine what I’m talking about, I’ll paint a picture. Baggy parachute pants. Walking around barefoot. Dreadlocks. You get the idea. I have no problem if someone’s fashion is different than, Read More

Well, I made the move and I am living in Mexico! For now, I am in Puerto Vallarta (PV), a big beach town in the state of Jalisco. It’s a very tourist heavy town, a port town, where a lot of big cruise ships stop at. Lots of gringos, mostly Canadians. Most of the locals, Read More