I use Pandora pretty much all day while I work. I’m currently traveling abroad which means, it’s blocked. Typically what I would do is, log into my VPN. Go to Pandora. Start listening. There are a few problems with this. For starters, I’ve been using a very popular VPN. This mean, some services and, Read More

I’m on my computer a lot. I work all day on my computer, and I often spend time after work on my computer. I love my phone, but I’m a lazy bastard and hate constantly reaching for my phone to send messages and check it all day. Plus I type a million times fast, Read More

I’m just four weeks away from leaving Portland, OR and making my way down South. By south, I mean all the way down to Antarctica. Hopefully! I’m excited, nervous, and a bit sad at times. Today I just sold that fancy new bike I bought last summer along with my lock, helmet, and pump., Read More