Myfitnesspal Reports Bookmarklet

I’m proud to announce, the first version of the Myfitnesspal Report Bookmarklet! It’s a bit of code that you run on Myfitnesspal, which pulls in all your data for the last year, and displays pretty interactive graphs for you.

To use it just drag this to your browsers bookmark toolbar: Myfitnesspal Report Bookmarklet

It turned their boring flash graphs:



Into this!


You can zoom into the graph to see a range of months, weeks, and days.

Or you can select a date on the graph and view that days diary entry. I think this is a fine improvement to the current — see one flash graph at a time.

The code is on github and is open-sourced!

2 Comments on “Myfitnesspal Reports Bookmarklet

  1. It’s hilarious how good your graphs are, and how shitty MFP’s is. You’d think they could come up with something good by now. They recently “updated” their reports and it’s still garbage. I mean you’d think they’d do something like google-analytics with nice line graphs by now. Anyway, thanks for your work! It’s way nice.

  2. Thank you for this! It is wonderful to “put it all together” and better than MFP. I will be making some changes to what I am doing because of your contribution. Thanks again.

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